is foundational development for early childhood ages, laying the groundwork for understanding dance concepts and basic movement skills. Classes include movement exploration, traditional dance exercises, rhythm and movement games.


PreSchool Movement Fun  

(3-4 years)

Movement Fun  

(4-5 years)

Creative Movement 1A  

(5-6 years)

Creative Movement 1B  

(6-7 years)



For middle childhood ages through adolescence, emphasis is on anatomically-sound structure and the development of strength, flexibility, stamina, and physical expression. Students are encouraged to take two or more classes per week to foster greater physical awareness, broaden dance understanding, and develop strong skill sets.



Tech 2 – 8-10 years,   Tech 3 – 10-12 years,    Tech 4 – by permission,   Tech 5 – by permission,  Ballet 101 – 13 years & up


Tech 2 – 8-10 years,   Tech 3 – 10-12 years,   Tech 4 – by permission,   Tech 5 – by permission,    Modern 101 – 13 years & up


Tech 3 – 10-12 years,   Tech 4 – by permission,   Tech 5 – by permission,   Jazz 101 – 13 years & up


Tap 1 – 5-7 years,   Tap 2 – 8-10 years,   Tap 3 – 10-12 years,   Tech 4 – by permission,   Tech 5 – by permission

Hip Hop

Hip Hop 1 – 9-12 years,   Hip Hop 2 – 13+,   Hip Hop 3 – by permission


PrePointe –  13+ by permission only AND in addition to another ballet class Tech 4 or 5

Pointe – by permission and with additional ballet class Tech 4 or 5


9 years and up

African Dance

9 years and up


is the creative act of dance making. Through participation in the creative process, students of all ages are encouraged to explore their unique voice and develop skills that give form to personal expression.


Ages 10 and up, plus enrollment in any Technique Class)

Students will study intensively in 5 – 6 week workshops with guest instructors, developing composition skills and performance pieces. These pieces are performed at our annual Winter Concert and during outreach opportunities.

Junior Senior Capstone Project   

High School Juniors/Seniors, plus enrollment in at least one Technique Class

Study continues year-round toward the development of a unique performance piece specific to the 2015 Jr/Sr cohort, utilizing group discussions, academic research, journaling, collaborative exploration, and thematic prompts. Collaborative, group fundraising events will be scheduled to help cover travel/transportation expenses for performances in regional venues and special events.


Private Lessons

TBD/by appointment

Individual study may be sought for a variety of reasons: pre-professional development, special needs, technique growth, or group class scheduling conflicts. Students seeking to enhance their dance experience through individual study are encouraged to speak with the Artistic Director, who will refer students to qualified teachers based upon needs. Private lesson fees are arranged between the teacher and the student, and are hosted at Factory Street Studio for a fixed donation fee of $10/hr.